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Biography of an SIP

In Nifty Midcap 150 TRI index We generally start SIP for our long-term goals. The goal can be child education, child marriage, or retirement. But the road to this journey may have many uncertainties, making it difficult to continue this SIP for such a long period. Starting a long- term SIP is easy, but continuing […]

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90% MF investors are lakhpatis: Govt

These 1.70 crore investors account for 65% of the total industry assets, government says in Lok Sabha. Over 90% mutual fund investors have a yearly income between Rs.1 lakh and 1 crore. These investors account for 65% of the retail AUM, the government said in Lok Sabha on Monday. According to the data released by […]

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Is Insurance Important For Me?

Do i have any GOAL in my life?  Do i have any Responsibility / Liability for my love one in my life? Is my absence do effect someone’s financial life? Is my HLV has any value ? If answer is YES, Insurance is Important for me. Insurance is important because it protect a person or […]

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