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The website is owned by Rashmi Runi (hereinafter MF India / Company) and through this site the Company offers mutual funds services to its customers.

While using our website/services, you agree to disclose some personal information to the Company. Moreover, by signing up with the company, you enter into an agreement with the Company and you agree to this Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Use of our Website and Services.

This privacy policy will help you know about the information we collect from you and how this information is used and in some cases shared with our third party service providers.

External Links

The website will contain from time to time articles expressing the views and opinions of the different experts on mutual funds, insurance and other financial products which are solely their personal views and opinions and the same do not reflect in any manner the views and/or opinion of the Company. The data and information on various financial products provided on the site is not intended to be the solicitation for investments in any kind of financial product and the customers using the data and information so provided on the site must make informed decision about the investments that they want to make based on their personal needs and objectives and the Company shall not be liable in any manner for any investment decision made by the customer on the basis of such data and information.

The website may also include hyperlinks to other websites or files that may include content or resources. The Company has no control over outside websites or resources, which are provided by external agencies that may be companies or persons, which the Company has no relevance to. The Company does not endorse any of the information, advertisement, products or any other material available on these external websites or resources. Therefore, the Company shall not be liable in any manner for any investment decision made by the customer on the basis of data and information available on the external websites or resources.

New Mutual Fund Schemes

The company does not in any manner endorse the schemes that may be launched from time to time by the mutual funds and the insurance companies the information of which may be posted on the website from time to time. The data and information placed on the website is believed to be reliable. However, the Company does not endorse the same to be complete or accurate in every respect.


The customers will be using the data and information provided on the website at their own risks and the same should not be considered as investment advice. The information on various financial products is given only to help the customer in making informed decision to suit his personal needs. However before making investment the customer must exercise his own judgment. The company does not endorse the other sites to which the links are or may be provided through the website and/or their contents and/or the owners thereof.

Other information on the websites is sourced by the company from various sources. Although the sources from which the Company gathers the information are believed to be reliable and accurate, the company does not in any manner endorse the accuracy or sufficiency of the information and it will not be liable/responsible for any inaccuracy or error in the said information.

Disclosure of your information to our Third-Party Service Providers
There are number of services on our website that are provided by external service providers that makes our website helpful and user-friendly for you. When you use our website, you choose to disclose information to these external service providers. The use of your information is governed by their privacy policy. However, these providers to the best of their ability make sure that the information is used for providing best user experience and support to our customers.

The information is also shared with the Registrars to the various mutual funds such as Cams, Franklin Templeton, Karvy or such other registrars who may be associated with the Company and the mutual funds provide the reports, transaction details etc. done by the customers using the website. The Company is not in any manner liable or responsible for the sufficiency or accuracy of the information provided by the Registrars in respect of the online transactions done by the customers from the above website from time to time.

Under no circumstance, do we sell or rent your personal information to any third party sources other than those whose services are used by us to enhance your user experience.

While we do use google analytics, which has access to your cookies, we do not share your personal or financial data with google.

Controlling your Login Credentials – ID and Password
When you register with us, you will be provided a login id and password. On the first login, make sure you change the password to prevent any unauthorized use and maintain the confidentiality of your account. You agree not to use the account, username, email address or password of another member at any time. You also agree not to share your username and password with anyone. If you share the id and password with third party, you will be entirely responsible for any action taken in your account including any kind of transaction. If your password is lost at any time and/or your account is compromised at any time, you agree to notify the same to the Company immediately.

Changes to Terms and Disclaimer including Privacy Policy
The company reserve the right to change the Terms and Disclaimer – including privacy policy from time to time as required, without prior intimation. By your continuous use of the site, you accept the changes made to the terms. We strongly advise you to read the disclaimer on regular basis. If you do not agree to any of our terms and conditions, you have all the right to stop using our services offered online and/or offline.