Is Insurance Important For Me?

Do i have any GOAL in my life? 

Do i have any Responsibility / Liability for my love one in my life?

Is my absence do effect someone’s financial life?

Is my HLV has any value ?

If answer is YES, Insurance is Important for me.

Insurance is important because it protect a person or entity from extreme financial loss or responsibility due to an unfortunate emergency, accident or negative unforeseen event.

There are many different kinds of insurance, some of which cover a person and some of which cover business and other entities. 

Insurance can protect people from financial devastation should the worst-case scenario happen. In case of a car accident , for example, the insurance company will usually cover medical expences and the cost of repair the car or purchase a new one. Health Insurance help to cover the day-to-day costs of doctors and prescription medications, but most importantly, it picks up the bulk of the cost should someone be diagnosed with a chronic or major madical condition, such as cancer, business insurance can save a company from financial ruin in cases like medical malpractice, slip-and- fall injuries on the business property or injuries that happen to an employee on the job. 


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